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The Prisoner is finished.

January 24, 2002

Just released, The Prisoner. A CTF map based on a private (X) clan/[SEA] clan joke. Freakshow! This is a 2 base map, that contains a prisoner tower in the center. Within the tower hangs a mysterious prisoner inside a locked cell. Find the secret entrance to his cell and he will reveal who put him there.


A new map!!! Klingon Battle Arena (HM/THM/TOURNEY)

December 28, 2001

I just finished my latest. I haven't got a page built for it yet (Infact some of my old map pages need finishing...eek!) but, it's ready to go.

This was a map that I was originally developing for the Raven Mapping Competion, however, I broke the size limit rule...doh! Like any starving artist, I refused to cow-tow to rules (that is why they are starving!). Well, it's my own fault, I should have checked the rules before I signed up. Anyways, the competition won't get the map, but you can.

Here are some screen shots:

Download HM_KBA.ZIP (3MB)


Sandpit, Wargame and Warrior screen shots added

December 9, 2001

I just finished uploading screen shots for the rest of my maps. The maps are listed in the order they were created, newest to oldest. The map information section of the CTF Warrior page has also been filled in.

I will be adding a links section soon. If you would like your site listed, send me an email.

Today I also added a site counter.

Wormhole Screen Shots Added

December 5, 2001

I am slowly working towards documenting my maps. Today brings pictures of one of my favorites, and some say my best map, Wormhole. This map is dark, but the game play is incredible. Turn up your gamma. Someday I may release a new version of this that brightens the place up.

More comming soon

December 4, 2001

I will be updating the site soon with the rest of my maps. There are no screenshots or descriptions up yet, but they can be downloaded:

Map Update: CTF_VOR1 is here!

December 2, 2001

Starfleet Elite Training A fast, fun, open style map. Check it out. This map IS NOT the same version as CTF_SET1. There was a minor texture error that I just couldn't stand. That, and I didn't like the acrynom SET1. So, it has be recompiled and is now CTF_VOR1. If you have CTF_SET1, it must be updated!


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