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Startrek Voyager Elite Force Maps

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Final Frontier (CTF_FRONTIER)



Final Frontier


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Map Theme This map is based on a federation station, located near an M-Class planet in the Talax Nebula.
Game Play

This map is fast and furious. Not for those who like a slow casual game, there is nothing slow about this map.

The Flags: The flags are located on the top floor in the Astrometrics lab. You can take the lifts to the top, or photon jump through the ceiling. I recommend photon jumping if you have the armor because you are a target on the lifts.

Power Ups: The accelerator boots are very important on this map. They allow you to get in and get out quick, which is necessary because the flag room is hard to attack. Holodecoys can be placed near the bottom level stairs. This is handy to see if someone is taking the hall along the bottom, they will probably shoot at it. You will know to be ready.


  • Be aware of Det Packs left in clever places.
  • Force fields placed at the bottom of the stairs below the Photon Burst can blcok access to the flag room and give you some time to pick off whomever is trying to get up there.
Recommended Players 2-12