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Startrek Voyager Elite Force Maps

NEW!! Starfleet Elite Training (CTF_VOR1)



Final Frontier (CTF_FRONTIER)





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Map Theme This map is basically two bases with a gap between them. Simple, but fun.
Game Play

This is a very open map that doesn't leave alot of options for cover. It's great for Disintegration.

The Flags: The flags are located on sky walks in front of the base. They can be accessed by taking the stairs inside the base, or by taking the warp at the back of the base to the roof and then jumping down.

Power Ups: Above and beyond the usual weapons, the Quad in the center of the map proves to be quite useful for fighting your way to the other base. There is a det pack on the roof of the bases.


  • Det packs in placed in the base can clear the whole thing, including the roof.
  • There are plenty of sniping spots, use them and keep an eye out for enemies using them.
Recommended Players 4-16